Monday, March 26, 2018

It’s getting closer to the show!

Hello friends! We’re less than 1 month (!!!) until my show We Are Called opens at the Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery in Corning NY! Wooooooot. The show opens April 16th, closes on May 11th, and I also invite you to the artist’s reception on Friday April 20th, 5-8pm.
ACK! So excited!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

“A Seat At My Table, Red”
1 of 2 of my pieces that you will see at the upcoming group Sanctuary Show at the Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery in Corning.
Reception Feb. 23rd 5-8pm. Join us!
Wow! There is A LOT of art going on! My mantra/dream/re-occurring hope was to have a Life Full of Art. I can say that I have accomplished just that. I find that I have to force myself to step away from all things art every few days (weeks?). Between teaching, preparing to teach, arting, publishing about arting, consulting with other artists, watching art documentaries, reading arty books, listening to arty podcasts...

Let’s just’s a lot. And I love it! Mostly. Like 98%. The other 2%? Grown up stuff like taxes, technology issues, and (ugh!) framing. I feel proud that I’ve been able to extend my arty reaches and look forward to where the future takes me.

...Like to residencies! I just applied to my 1st one, and will be applying to more. One day I will be able to host other artists on my lovely land. Cabins full of people doing creative stuff!! Woot!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Sewing at CCC!

I will be teaching a couple of classes at Corning Community College in March...woot!  Super excited to teach folks to use their sewing machines. It can be daunting to figure out all the buttons and plugs and such. By the end of the class each student will make a zippered pouch/purse. So handy!  Check out CCC and their non-credit classes for more info :)

Friday, January 12, 2018

LOVING my studio space!

"There are always flowers for those who see them." --Henri Matisse

And I want to see A LOT of flowers! 

One of my artist heroes is Ashley Longshore. Photos of her studio in New Orleans always show huge bouquets of exquisite flowers. I'm following her lead in my studio. How can you NOT be inspired with these lovelies lookin' at you all day?

I am having a great time working in my new studio space in Hornell. I feel really lucky to have found it!

 Here are a couple of paintings I started working on during my art trip in Lucca Italy. I want to create more works like this, on paper with lots of paint. My dear friend MG (also a fabu artist) says (something like): "People don't use enough paint!" She's right! Let's use ALL THE PAINT people!! (oh, and my scarf is one of my creations that can be found on my Redbubble shop)

What have you been up to? I've been busy with happy art stuff and teaching fun classes...please do check out my Instagram feed to see's purdy over there! :)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Holy Ribbon Cutting Batgirl!

Don’t you just love this young artist and her bunny ears! She’s a new friend and a keeper!
Thanks to the group for helping me celebrate! 
Holding the end of the ribbon is the amazingly talented Bridget Bossart van Otterloo. 
Look her up and buy her art/take her classes!
(All the !!!!)
So much love!!

So a lot has happened in the last month...went to Europe to take a class with the fabu Carmelo Blandino, rented an “official” art studio in Hornell, NY, and celebrated said space with friends (new & old!) and family :)

Cupcakes made by the fabu Sweet Sarah’s Kitchen in Corning, NY :) Vegan delish!

My Redbubble shop merchandise is slowly growing and I’m excited that people are choosing to wear, use, and gift my artwork. I truly feel “HASHTAG BLESSED”!  Click on the link below to head over to my shop. :) Thank you!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Solo show announced!

I'm happy, excited, proud, and just a bit anxious to announce that I'm having my first solo show in the spring :)!

The show will open in April at the Peeler Peacock Gallery on Market St. in Corning NY. The other amazing artists listed above have set the bar very high and I have a lot of work to do. Luckily I am working with a patient and talented mentor and have a strong vision for the show. 

Stay tuned for more updates :)
Show dates are April 18 to May 11. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Items in the Shop! :)

I just uploaded new artwork to my RedBubble shop. Have a look see :) The products I've been testing have been really well made, bright and colorful, and just feel good...I can't stop petting my new pillow covers lol :)

Thanks for supporting the art! :)
I loved painting this mermaid. The original painting is still available for adoption :)

FJ! :)