Monday, January 11, 2016

Upcoming Gallery Opening

I entered a juried show a little while back hosted by 171 Cedars Arts in Corning NY. The theme presented was "Freedom". I had a good time thinking about this topic and felt grateful that my work already used the idea of personal freedom as a major component. Here is the artist statement I presented:

  • For the last year I’ve been painting a series of modern idols and investigating religious iconography. I am full of gratitude that I live in a time and a place where I can develop and explore my own personal spiritual practice, especially via my art work. I am not required to celebrate or pray to a particular deity or in particular way.  I believe that this freedom should be shared with every person, regardless of country of origin, sex, or status.
Thankfully, I was accepted into this show and have 1 piece on display alongside about a dozen other truly talented artists. 

Hope you can come check it out. The opening is Friday January 15 at 171 Cedar St. in Corning NY. 5-7pm.

After the show I'll add a photo but for now, let's all be surprised :)