Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lots to learn

I will be traveling away from home for about 3 weeks and will have the opportunity to do a lot of  learnin' and access to some great Wifi. I have 4 online classes lined up, a list of live model drawing events, and a meetup scheduled with a podcast creation group. (hint hint: I'm working on creating a podcast!)

I'm going to need to eat my Wheaties! Are they vegan? I guess I'll have to learn about that as well ;)

Often on these trips my husband tries to fit in as many hot yoga classes as possible (he's my hero!)...on this trip I am going to maximize my info uptake. Wish me luck!

Here I am...feeling like it's a great big world at the Pitti Palace in Florence. Y'all should go...bring a snack, it's a BIG big BIG place to get your adventure on.

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