Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I'm taking a class!

I live near Corning NY where luckily we have a few galleries and museums for me to loiter about in often. :)  One of my favorites is the West End Gallery. WEG showcases some of the region's best painters, including Martin Poole.

Sigh. I heart his work so much...and now I'm getting to take a class with him!

Yay!!!  The class is June 4th and 5th at 171 Cedar Arts...there may still be room if you're interested in signing up.  This 2 day class is called: The Portrait: Heads on a Textured Surface.   2 things I love a lot: heads and texture! Woot!

I have a bit of the "nervous-tingle"...there are sure to be some really fine painters in this class...let's just say, I'm going to find an easel in the BACK of the room :) 

I'm also feeling a bit of the "pride-tingle"...a few years ago I would have NEVER even had the courage to sign up for such a class...even though the class description says it is appropriate for all levels...I have the feeling I wouldn't have felt ready. Now I am ready to expand and learn and shake off the "I'm not good enough" feeling.  Ack! Excitement!

Stay tuned to see what comes from this experience. :)