Monday, November 27, 2017

Holy Ribbon Cutting Batgirl!

Don’t you just love this young artist and her bunny ears! She’s a new friend and a keeper!
Thanks to the group for helping me celebrate! 
Holding the end of the ribbon is the amazingly talented Bridget Bossart van Otterloo. 
Look her up and buy her art/take her classes!
(All the !!!!)
So much love!!

So a lot has happened in the last month...went to Europe to take a class with the fabu Carmelo Blandino, rented an “official” art studio in Hornell, NY, and celebrated said space with friends (new & old!) and family :)

Cupcakes made by the fabu Sweet Sarah’s Kitchen in Corning, NY :) Vegan delish!

My Redbubble shop merchandise is slowly growing and I’m excited that people are choosing to wear, use, and gift my artwork. I truly feel “HASHTAG BLESSED”!  Click on the link below to head over to my shop. :) Thank you!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Solo show announced!

I'm happy, excited, proud, and just a bit anxious to announce that I'm having my first solo show in the spring :)!

The show will open in April at the Peeler Peacock Gallery on Market St. in Corning NY. The other amazing artists listed above have set the bar very high and I have a lot of work to do. Luckily I am working with a patient and talented mentor and have a strong vision for the show. 

Stay tuned for more updates :)
Show dates are April 18 to May 11. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Items in the Shop! :)

I just uploaded new artwork to my RedBubble shop. Have a look see :) The products I've been testing have been really well made, bright and colorful, and just feel good...I can't stop petting my new pillow covers lol :)

Thanks for supporting the art! :)
I loved painting this mermaid. The original painting is still available for adoption :)

FJ! :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Ever Expanding Brain

I'm in NYC again and doing my best to take advantage of all the learning, culture, and snacks while I'm here.

A couple of days ago I attended the New York Foundation for the Arts "Artist/Entrepreneur Boot Camp" at their Brooklyn headquarters. Met some inspiring artists and soaked in as much good advice and encouragement as possible. I'm thinking about working with a marketing sounds so fancy! (And expensive?).

Last night I attended the NYC Podcast Meetup for a session intended to help newbies like me launch a new podcast. I feel like I have a better grasp on my next steps was inspired by the content creators in the room. Smart people everywhere!

Attended an opening at the Booth Gallery a few days ago. Impressive! I am loving the sculptures by Ronit Baranga. The show closes September 9th, check it out!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning: Week 2 update

Busy busy busy (and also restful and meditative)

I participated in an online meditative hypnosis session with Mind Valley Academy led by Marisa Peer a couple of days ago. It was pretty neat. I put in my earbuds, closed the drapes, and sat back on some comfy pillows. It was relaxing and opened up some some new portals of understanding about what makes me tick. Interesting stuff!

I'm also about half way through the Mindy Lacefield baby animals class (painting tutorials). I'm happy to report that my sketching abilities really seem to be advancing! High five!

We were *supposed* to be painting on small 6" squares...but you know me...I always feel the need to change things I'm going with 16x20" canvases LOL!

I had intended for this to just be a sweet lil' puppy looking bashful, but, as you can clearly see, it looks like a sweet lil' puppy taking a poop. C'est la vie!  It makes me laugh!

Monday, April 10, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning: Week 2

I wonder if I'm making as much progress as I would have liked...or if perhaps my "to do" list has just morphed a bit from where I thought it would be.

In the last couple of days I've started a new painting (which I don't as yet love), began work on 2 online classes (hands and baby animal portraits), partially conquered a pretty major panic point (i.e. dog parks), and began to conduct artist interviews that will become a podcast series.  All while battling some wicked sinuses and artist/life glumness (and a full moon!)

Oh, and technology ...still working through some new apps and software to get things rolling. One of the projects includes migrating this here blog over to Wordpress. Light a candle for me! :)

That's a lot to report, right? Not bad for just 7 days! Here's to the next 2 weeks of learning!

Friday, April 7, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning: Day 4 recap

Yesterday I learned that sinusitis plus diphenhydramine will knock you on your ass.
Bummer. Day lost.
Plus the WiFi was down (first world problem,  I know), so I started a new sketchbook.  One of the online classes I am enrolled in is all about learning to draw hands but I am unable to connect until the tech issues are solved so I just started tracing and shading.  Welcome back to 1st grade y'all!  ;)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning: Day 3 recap

Hey! Did you know about the CUE Art Foundation? Me neither! But now that I do I'm going to collaborate with the fine folks running the joint as often as possible! They are a gallery, artist resource  center, and event space on 25th St. in NYC. I was just casually walking down the street and boom! There they were! I heart New York!

Yesterday I found another video editing app called FilmoraGo.  Looks pretty fabulous, but of course now I have to add "learn to use FilmoraGo" to my list for this 3 week project. Yikes!

I started researching how to create endplates for my YouTube videos (you can see my latest video, as of today, here).  I'm already doing this but would like to figure out how to put clickable links to other videos...I think that because I'm using iMovie as an app, as opposed as on a "real" computer, that my funcationality is different than the tutorials I've been watching.

I bought a new-to-me color of golden acrylic yesterday at Blick. I kinda want to eat it straight out of the tube. Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine).  It's seriously drool worthy!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

3 weeks of Learning: Day 2 recap

Yesterday I went to my first New York City Podcast Meetup. Wow! Now THAT'S how you throw a meetup! Lots of interesting folks and convo, fun space, experienced speakers, no tech issues, and not a muggle to be found! Snacks and drinks too, not bad!
Winner!  Thanks to Prescott at the Busy Creator for a great event! (Check out his site and podcast here!)

The big takeaway: I need to work on my mailing list game.
Ahem! Did you know you can sign up to my mailing list here? Thanks from the bottom of my creative heart :)

I learned a lot a lot a lot! I left truly inspired by the creativity and momentum in the room. I feel good that, for the most part, I could keep up with the discussion...I guess I know more than I realized about marketing, and software, and such. I have a nice set of business cards with folks I am excited to reconnect with, and handed out my cards to people that may actually use them, LOL!

I also sketched a bunch yesterday. I'm really excited by this new (to me) set of shapes I'm making on the page. Elongated ovals making up body segments. I reacently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and she says something like writing is potentially a really inexpensive hobby/job because all you need is a pen and paper. I am reminded of that when I get into my sketchbook. Just a pen or pencil and some paper and I can create universes. Yes!!!

I stopped by the Macy's flower show yesterday. Has it been downsized? I'm not sure, but in any case it was fun and screaming with color (which you know I love!) Y'all should go if you're in the neighborhood. It ends on April 9th.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning, Day 1 recap

I hit the ground running yesterday...spent a lot of the day working on my podcasting skills. I feel like there are 2 ends of the recording spectrum you can go with in this genre...techie tech tech, or low brow.  I *thought* I was going to use garage band on my beloved iPad Pro...but after spending a couple of (years), NO, just hours (I can be So dramatic!)...I just can't seem to do the stuff I want to do. More practice and touching of screens will need to happen.

I watched a bunch of YouTube videos and then found something called Boss Jock Studio.
So today I will go through the entire experiment again with this app. It was $10 and if I can get it to do what it advertises it can do it'll be well worth it. Stay tuned! (Ha! Podcast humor!)

After all this research and poking of screens I had a headache and decided to take Ruka Dog out for a walk. FLOWERS! FLOWERS! FLOWERS! Within seconds of being in Bryant Park my headache floated away and I felt this amazing zap of Prana...Woot!

Segue to flowers...last night I went to a live drawing meetup at the National Arts Club (ritzy!). Ugh. And Ah! But mostly ugh. Best model I've ever worked with, for sure! My drawings are abysmal. Where do the flowers come in? Well, I drew this beautiful woman so badly I should send her flowers to apologize. At least I stayed the entire time and didn't bolt during the break. I did, in a moment of "whoa is me", have a baby cry after the session, as I walked the streets of Manhattan. NYC is great like that, you can openingly cry and no one will really bother you about it.

Neil Gaiman has this great speech/book about feeling like a fraud...that the creative police are going to come and round up all your creations and supplies and throw you out of the club.  Exactly the way I was (am?) feeling. I gotta just let it go (queue that terrible song).

Tonight I'm going to a podcast info meetup. Wish me luck...I'm sure there will be less tears 😜

Monday, April 3, 2017

3 Weeks Learning New Stuff, Day the First!

I am dedicating the next 3 weeks to taking online classes, going to workshops and drawing events, and learning to put together a podcast.  I'm also working on some soul searching. Thinking about what the future looks like for me and my family and honing in on what I really want, and what needs to be allowed just to float away.

Already, as I am putting this post together, I'm learning that my iPad doesn't want to sync up with my photos in the way I thought it'mon! I haven't even had my coffee lol :) Challenge on Universe!!

(Ha! Figured it out) Take that!!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lots to learn

I will be traveling away from home for about 3 weeks and will have the opportunity to do a lot of  learnin' and access to some great Wifi. I have 4 online classes lined up, a list of live model drawing events, and a meetup scheduled with a podcast creation group. (hint hint: I'm working on creating a podcast!)

I'm going to need to eat my Wheaties! Are they vegan? I guess I'll have to learn about that as well ;)

Often on these trips my husband tries to fit in as many hot yoga classes as possible (he's my hero!)...on this trip I am going to maximize my info uptake. Wish me luck!

Here I am...feeling like it's a great big world at the Pitti Palace in Florence. Y'all should go...bring a snack, it's a BIG big BIG place to get your adventure on.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Focus FOCUS fOcUs

Hello art friends! Lots of new stuff going on...I guess it's sort of like the concept of "nothing is constant other than change".

Speaking of change...I have changed directions a few times since my last post, and now I really feel like I'm on a good path. High five! AND soon I'll have really big art news to share.  Excitement!!

Also, here's a link to [as of today] my lastest YouTube video. Enjoy!

But you're here to see photos right?
Here's an angel I worked on a while ago. I love her.