Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lots to learn

I will be traveling away from home for about 3 weeks and will have the opportunity to do a lot of  learnin' and access to some great Wifi. I have 4 online classes lined up, a list of live model drawing events, and a meetup scheduled with a podcast creation group. (hint hint: I'm working on creating a podcast!)

I'm going to need to eat my Wheaties! Are they vegan? I guess I'll have to learn about that as well ;)

Often on these trips my husband tries to fit in as many hot yoga classes as possible (he's my hero!)...on this trip I am going to maximize my info uptake. Wish me luck!

Here I am...feeling like it's a great big world at the Pitti Palace in Florence. Y'all should go...bring a snack, it's a BIG big BIG place to get your adventure on.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Focus FOCUS fOcUs

Hello art friends! Lots of new stuff going on...I guess it's sort of like the concept of "nothing is constant other than change".

Speaking of change...I have changed directions a few times since my last post, and now I really feel like I'm on a good path. High five! AND soon I'll have really big art news to share.  Excitement!!

Also, here's a link to [as of today] my lastest YouTube video. Enjoy!

But you're here to see photos right?
Here's an angel I worked on a while ago. I love her.