Sunday, August 19, 2018

Back in the Studio!

Notice that I used a capital “S”...’cause I feel like my studio has it’s own personality and presence. It’s where I experiment, get sh*t done, teach, nap, snack, create, explore, means so very much to me!  

Here’s a sample of one of my upcoming classes...sooooo pretty!

I’ve been traveling for the last couple of weeks, and now I’m back, hitting the ground running! I’ve got a lot of new classes coming up, including an entire series at the YMCA in Hornell, NY. So excited!

I’m also prepping my talk to a group of teenagers in Elmira...I’m trying to channel my inner Tony Robbins. Yes yes yes!! (Booming voice!)

...and then there are the 2 “secret for now” projects I’m producing. I can’t wait to chat about these with you...stay tuned!

What sort of projects are you working on?

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