Thursday, April 6, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning: Day 3 recap

Hey! Did you know about the CUE Art Foundation? Me neither! But now that I do I'm going to collaborate with the fine folks running the joint as often as possible! They are a gallery, artist resource  center, and event space on 25th St. in NYC. I was just casually walking down the street and boom! There they were! I heart New York!

Yesterday I found another video editing app called FilmoraGo.  Looks pretty fabulous, but of course now I have to add "learn to use FilmoraGo" to my list for this 3 week project. Yikes!

I started researching how to create endplates for my YouTube videos (you can see my latest video, as of today, here).  I'm already doing this but would like to figure out how to put clickable links to other videos...I think that because I'm using iMovie as an app, as opposed as on a "real" computer, that my funcationality is different than the tutorials I've been watching.

I bought a new-to-me color of golden acrylic yesterday at Blick. I kinda want to eat it straight out of the tube. Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine).  It's seriously drool worthy!

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