Thursday, April 13, 2017

3 Weeks of Learning: Week 2 update

Busy busy busy (and also restful and meditative)

I participated in an online meditative hypnosis session with Mind Valley Academy led by Marisa Peer a couple of days ago. It was pretty neat. I put in my earbuds, closed the drapes, and sat back on some comfy pillows. It was relaxing and opened up some some new portals of understanding about what makes me tick. Interesting stuff!

I'm also about half way through the Mindy Lacefield baby animals class (painting tutorials). I'm happy to report that my sketching abilities really seem to be advancing! High five!

We were *supposed* to be painting on small 6" squares...but you know me...I always feel the need to change things I'm going with 16x20" canvases LOL!

I had intended for this to just be a sweet lil' puppy looking bashful, but, as you can clearly see, it looks like a sweet lil' puppy taking a poop. C'est la vie!  It makes me laugh!

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