Wednesday, April 5, 2017

3 weeks of Learning: Day 2 recap

Yesterday I went to my first New York City Podcast Meetup. Wow! Now THAT'S how you throw a meetup! Lots of interesting folks and convo, fun space, experienced speakers, no tech issues, and not a muggle to be found! Snacks and drinks too, not bad!
Winner!  Thanks to Prescott at the Busy Creator for a great event! (Check out his site and podcast here!)

The big takeaway: I need to work on my mailing list game.
Ahem! Did you know you can sign up to my mailing list here? Thanks from the bottom of my creative heart :)

I learned a lot a lot a lot! I left truly inspired by the creativity and momentum in the room. I feel good that, for the most part, I could keep up with the discussion...I guess I know more than I realized about marketing, and software, and such. I have a nice set of business cards with folks I am excited to reconnect with, and handed out my cards to people that may actually use them, LOL!

I also sketched a bunch yesterday. I'm really excited by this new (to me) set of shapes I'm making on the page. Elongated ovals making up body segments. I reacently read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and she says something like writing is potentially a really inexpensive hobby/job because all you need is a pen and paper. I am reminded of that when I get into my sketchbook. Just a pen or pencil and some paper and I can create universes. Yes!!!

I stopped by the Macy's flower show yesterday. Has it been downsized? I'm not sure, but in any case it was fun and screaming with color (which you know I love!) Y'all should go if you're in the neighborhood. It ends on April 9th.

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